2019 Super Karatedo OKINAWA World Grand Prix

Entry Limit
July 7th 2019
Saturday August 10th, Sunday August 11th 2019.

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WKKF children of members and WKKF members can entry . Please enter the information of the person to entry .
Outline of '2019 Super Karatedo OKINAWA World Grand Prix'


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Event, Class

Both KUMITE and KATA competitions can be entered in both sets, or in either one entry.

KUMITE Competition (Koshiki Contact Karate-do)

KATA Contest

International Friendship Workshop (JPY 3,000)

Participation in the Welcome Party
(Participation fee: undecided / Venue: undecided)

Please state the number of Adults and children to participate in the remarks column .



For inquiries about accommodation, please contact wkkf@koshiki.org


Please fill in if you have any other contact matter.
If child and family to entry would like to participate in the Sayonara party, please fill in the name and the number of adults and children.

Terms of entry

Please read the following carefully, select "I agree" when you can agree, please press the entry confirmation button.

※ I pledge to participate in this tournament and seminar and obey all the federations / retirement competitions without hurting the honor of your Confederation. Regarding the accidents that occurred at the convention and seminar, we will not do anything to appeal to you, such as the association of your confederation or tournament. In the event of an injury accident, I will bear all expenses at my own risk.

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