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Join Free Member

Please open a new member registration application page and enter member information. Registration is completed in 4 steps.
It is a member for individuals.
Those who are interested in WKKF Dojo, groups wanting to belong to WKKFplease Contact us.
Thank you.

How to Registration to WKKF(PDF)

Registration flow

Click here for member registration

Premium member registration(Those who have already completed free member registration)

membership fee

Annual fee ¥ 2,500

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Premium member registration

If you are not already registered as a free member, please register as a free member first.
From ” Subscribe with Paypal ” button on the free membership registration completion page, please open the payment page of PayPal .

Services for premium members

  • Entry to various international tournament and domestic tournament organized and participated by WKKF
  • Participation in seminars and examination sessions organized by WKKF
  • Certification of various qualifications and certification levels certified by WKKF

payment method

You can use PayPal for the annual fee payment method.
Paypal is an online payment service used around the world. Everyone can pay by credit card payment in a safe and easy manner with simple procedures. (PayPal is available only for those over the age of 20.)

Person who already has PayPal account

Please select “I already have a PayPal account” and log in and pay.

Person who do not have a PayPal account

PayPal account is required for payment. Paypal’s account opening fee, annual fee fee, usage fee etc are not charged at all.
Please select “I need to create a PayPal account (if available)”, enter the registration information, and finish registering PayPal members.

Please refer to here for payment method with Paypal.

payment method with Paypal

Person who do not have a credit card

WKKF does not correspond to bank transfer. Payment method is PayPal only.

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