Super Karatedo World Grand Prix 2016 at the Tauron Arena Karakow, Poland.

Tauron Arena Karakow, Poland

Philosophy of the Event

It is with great pleasure that the organizing committee of Super Karate-do World Grand Prix, WKKF Seminar extend to you our Official Invitation to these prestigious events. These events will be held on 14th-15thth of October, 2016 at the Tauron Arena Karakow, Poland.
(1) To make Super Karate-do (Koshiki Contact Karate-do) part of the UNESCO Education
Program for training the world’s youth.
(2) Aiming to join “Sports Accord” with recognition of Super Karate-do as a safe and
clearly judged modern sport.
(3) To contribute Super Karate-do as a BUDO working towards world peace and
(4) Through Super Karate-do(Koshiki Contact Karate-do) training and tournaments, we
aim to develop and sustain people who work together for the benefit of their
community, their nation, and the world. To this end, Karate Kids from over 15
countries across all five continents will gather in Poland for a friendship tournament
including an international championship. We hope for your kind understanding and

Tournament Information

PDF information



Implementation outline

Date 14th and 15th October 2016 (Friday and Saturday)
Time 10.00am to 5.00pm
Tauron Arena Kraków 7 Stanislawa Lema Street 31-571 Cracow, Poland
TBC Poland Cost ADULT € 150 Age -18 € 75
This includes Seminar and Tournament as well as contribution to rental of arena and overheads All competitors MUST attend seminars. All entrants MUST register on line to WKKF. Please follow the link;
Organization World Koshiki Karate-do Federation

Super Karatedo World Grand Prix

Event type

Comprehensive Karatedo Tournament as Education(KATA and KUMITE)


By preliminary motion picture examination, scoring method, compete in ranking by score.
Shoot a video of the whole shape from the front of participating players. Please attach the video or uploaded URL to Youtube send it by email( teacher inheriting Okinawa source flow · By preliminary examination by the 10 item scoring system, the top eight places at the main competition and decides ranking.

Juniors Male and Female(Age Categories TBC)

Adults Male and Female


Using super-safe, contact point method of one-shot

Juniors Male and Female(Age Categories TBC)

Adults Male and Female

Little Juniors Age 7-8
Age 9-10
Age 11-12
1.5 minutes
Advanced Juniors Age 13-15
Age 16-18
2.0 minutes
Adults MALE Lightweight (Less than 63.5 kg)
Middleweight (63.5 kg or more ~ Less than 73.0 kg)
Cruiserweight(73.0 kg or more ~ Less than 82.0 kg)
Heavyweight (82.0 kg or more)
3.0 minutes
Adults FEMALE Lightweight (Less than 54.0 kg)
Middleweight (54.0 kg or more ~ Less than 61.0 kg)
Openweight (61.0 kg or more)
2.0 minutes

Entry deadline

5th October, 2016

Referee rule

According to the Rule of Judgment of World Kai Karatedo Federation Match

Application address

World Koshiki Karate-do Federation

〒162-0044 20 Kikui-machi Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Tel/Fax:+81 3-3203-5765

*Participation fee Payee:
・Online Registration(

・PAYPAL Credit Settlement

*Entry deadline:5th October, 2016

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