Super Karate-do World Championship July 19th 2020


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February 1, 2020

Dear Super Karate-do friends, colleagues and associates;


The International Organizing Committee takes great pleasure in extending to you our official invitation to the ‘Super Karate-do World Championship’.  This prestigious cultural event will be held on the 19th July 2020, at the Nihon Budokan Seminar center in Katsuura, Chiba JAPAN



You are invited to partake in;

(1) Official welcome to the Super-Karate-do event, ‘Returning to the Birth Place of Karate’

(2)  Experience the wonderful local Okinawa culture and festivities

(3) Contribute to BUDO through Super Karate-do that promotes world peace and friendship

(4)  Develop and support young people working together for the benefit of their community, their nation, and the world


Super Karate-do practitioner from five continents are cordially invited to meet in Nihon Budokan for this friendship tournament that also includes a cultural exchange festival. This forum will encourage young people and our youth to compete at an international level, build new friendships and develop a broader understanding of other people and their cultures. Our young athletes will benefit in all ways through this educational experience.


We look forward to your continued support and to seeing you and your students at this festival.


Yours Sincerely

Prof. Masamitsu KUDAKA, HANSHI 8th Dan

Chairman: World Koshiki Karatedo Federation


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Date:        Saturday July 18th     9am-5pm International Friendship Workshop

Sunday July 19th       9am-5pm World  Championships


Venue:            Nihon Budokan Seminar Center  Katsuura, Chiba JAPAN


Organizer:      World Koshiki Karate-do Federation


Sponsorships     National Federation of UNESCO Association, Embassy of Mali, Tunisia, Nepal, Iran, Azerbaijan


2020 Super Karatedo World Championship Invitation 20200201

2020 Entry sheet ENG

WKKF official goods 2020



KUMITE Competition KATA Contest
Junior Boy  Age 7 – 8 Junior Boys and Girls  Age 7 – 8


Junior Girl  Age 7 – 8
Junior Boy  Age 9 – 10 Junior Boys and Girls  Age 9 – 10


Junior Girl  Age 9 – 10
Junior Boy  Age 11 -12 Junior Boys and Girls  Age 11 -12


Junior Girl  Age 11 -12
Junior Boy  Age 13 -15 Junior Boys and Girls  Age 13 -15
Junior Girl  Age 13 -15
Junior Boy  Age 16 -18 Junior Boys and Girls  Age 16 -18
Junior Girl  Age 16 -18
Senior Age Men  +19 Senior +19  Male

Senior +19  Female

Senior Age Female  +19
Senior Age Male  +40 Senior +40  Male

Senior +40  Female

Senior Age Female  +40


Rules     World Koshiki Karatedo Fedration comepetition rules


Awards:    Gold Medals for 1st place, Silver Medals for 2nd, Bronze Medals for 3rd


Contacts :     Email:  Online entry

TEL/FAX : +81-3-3203-5765

Address:  20-21 Kikuicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0044 JAPAN


Entry Fee :         Insurance  Junior JPY1,000    Adult +19  JPY1,500

Junior Kumite JPY3,000  Kata: JPY 3,000

Senior (18+)  Kumite JPY5,000  Kata: JPY5,000


Special events: Kudaka Island Camp Okinawa     Date:   July 11-13th   2020

Summer Camp Katsuura, Chiba  Date:   July 18-20th  2020

BBQ Party         Date:  July 19th 2020  7pm-9pm


Recommended Accommodation:


Deadline: June 30th 2020










World Super Karate-do Cultural Exchange Festival


We invite all supporting companies, local  businesses, Embassies of participant’s countries, etc. to hold booths inside Venue.  In addition there will be a Special Pavilion for demonstration of Karate, music, dances, etc.


Brochure Advertising(A4 size)

1 page with color     1 page       1/2 page        1/4page

JPY100,000     JPY60,000     JPY30,000     JPY20,000


Dojo Member

Company support Member

JPY 20,000

JPY 3,.000

Brochure 1/4 Web link

Brochure 1/2  Web link

Material support Budo supply, Foods, drinks, awards, Memorabilia
Individual, honorary member JPY 10,000 Brochure Web link
Gymnasium booth commercial JPY 30,000 Brochure Web link, Booth
Tournament venue Advertising JPY 300,000 Brochure 1page Web top link

Contest aria advertising, Booth


We accept Bank transfer, Western Union or PAYPAL

Payment Remittance;

World Koshiki Karate-do Federation .Rep. Masayuki HISATAKA

MUFG Bank, Ltd. / Swift code ; BOTK JPJT

Urayasu Branch 361 , Account No, 0860535   Tel ; 81-47-354-3341

1-17-11 Kitasakae ,URAYASU city , 279-0002 Chiba-Pref ,Japan

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