Payment of participation fees:Super Karatedo Junior World Grand Prix & Cultural Exchange Festiva

Method of payment


The payment method of participation cost is PayPal.
After selecting the menu, please click on the PayPal button.

Please note that if not the payment does not take entry is complete.

— Please choose your participation menu —

Party cost of children(Age 7-18) will later be billed separately .

Please register to PayPal

You have to use the PayPal requires your registration to PayPal. If you are not your registration Please register to PayPal.

Learn the method of payment at PayPal.

method of payment at PayPal


  • Even in the case of non-participation, etc. concerning paid fee, we do not refund at all.
  • The payment of the entry cost, you must be registered with the PayPal.
  • After the entry procedure is completed, you can not change or revoke.
  • Entry costs, will be the settlement of each participating player.