This corporation conducts business related to enlightenment, penetration and development of Koshiki Karatedo paths for young people who play a role in the 21st century and general citizens, fostering healthy mind and body of the youth, promoting human intercourse beyond age and region It aims to contribute to the promotion and development of sports, eventually to the formation of a rich community through the event planning and operation project of the Koshiki Karatedo and the sports culture promotion project.

In order to achieve the above objectives, this corporation carries out the following types of specified nonprofit activities.

  1. (1) Activities to promote health, medical care or welfare
  2. (2) Activities to promote social education
  3. (3) Activities to promote town planning
  4. (4) Activities to promote academic, cultural, artistic or sports
  5. (5) Relief activities in case of disaster
  6. (6) Regional safety activities
  7. (7) Activities to protect human rights or promote peace
  8. (8) International cooperation activities
  9. (9) Activities to promote the formation of a gender-equal society
  10. (10) Activities aimed at healthy development of children
  11. (11) Activities to support development of vocational abilities or expansion of employment opportunities
  12. (12) Communication, advice or assistance activities related to the management or activities of organizations conducting the activities listed in the preceding items

This corporation conducts the following projects in order to achieve the above object.

  1. (1) Business related to specified nonprofit activities
    1. Promotion, promotion and event planning management business of hard drill karate as sports, academic, cultural, art for the people of the world and the people in the country.
    2. Preventive medicine and health education projects by Koshiki Karatedo paths to people around the world and the people in the country.
    3. Training awareness raising and qualifying business of youth, players, leaders and referees around the world and domestic.
    4. Human cultural exchange project centering on international goodwill competitions and seminars around the world and in the country.
  2. (2) Other business
    1. Sales of goods such as sports equipment, wears, books, teaching material videos etc.

The business set forth in the preceding paragraph (2) shall be carried out as long as there is no hindrance to the projects set forth in paragraph (1) of that paragraph, and the profits shall be used for the projects listed in (1).

Organization profile

Name Non Profit Organization World Koshiki Karatedo Federation (WKKF)
Address 〒279-0012  3-70 D1-1 Irifune, Urayasu city, Chiba,  JAPAN
Representative Masayuki Hisataka
Date of incorporation February 7, 2005
TEL / FAX TEL: +81 47-354-3018 / FAX: +81 47-354-3018

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President Masayuki Hisataka
Chairman Masamitsu Kudaka
Director Hitoshi Namekata
Director Yukio Sakamoto
Director Michael Coleman
Auditor Midori Obara

As of September 1st , 2020