Qualifications for Official International “Dan” “Gradings“, Titles, Referees, and “Instructors“.

Official International Dan

The purpose

Certified international instructor qualification

In order to improve the qualities of dojo, school, club etc who are conducting hard karatedo in the various countries and regions, train necessary knowledge and skills for leaders, deepen correct understanding of rigid karate way, spread and development .

In addition, in order to obtain certified international qualification as a leader of the rigid karatedo in each country / region, a seminar was held to measure the improvement of knowledge and technical guidance as a sports leader, and to acquire the certification With a deliberation, issue certificates to successful applicants.

Overview / criteria

Discussion rules concerning qualifications such as certified international rank, title, referee qualification, leader qualification etc.

Applicant applicants take examination for qualification based on the Federation (WKKF) regulations. You can take the exam by paying the certification fee based on the examination summary on the qualification and submitting the following.

  • Application form for certified international rank, title, referee, leadership qualification
  • Essay

Practical examination and written examination at the Council on International Qualification Approval, or deliberation after submitting the essay.

Regarding attendance at workshops and review boards

Attend the seminars regularly held by the Federation (WKKF), the examination committee, take practical exams, written exams, or take qualification deliberations through essay.

About deliberation

All Applicants are required to attend the appropriate seminars and regularly held WKKF examinations, and need to meet the required level of skill (as shown in the examination) and knowledge (as shown in the thesis).
All Applicants for Dan grades and titles, and for Referee and Instructor Licenses, are judged based on a broad spectrum of considerations including

  • Mind
  • Technique
  • Training attitude
  • Understanding of Koshiki Karatedo
  • Skill level
  • Competition record and experience of international and domestic matches
  • Experience of Embu (performance demonstrations)
  • Attitude of training
  • Participation in WKKF related activities and support to WKKF

About examination meetings

Examination meetings are held two times per year at the WKKF headquarters, in the spring and autumn.
Examinations are held during WKKF World Cup events, international, national, tournaments and other Seminars. Applicants are eligible for Examination after participating in appropriate WKKF seminars and handing in the necessary application form and thesis in advance. For Dan grading, Applicants need to pay the appropriate Dan Recognition Fee after passing the Examination.

About grading recommendation letters

Representatives of each country or examination committee have to send reports of any WKKF seminars and test results of grading, along with grading recommendation letters, to the WKKF Applicants who pass all requirements are required to pay the Dan Recognition Fee within one month of Dan approval.

Acquisition condition

Minimum ages and years of practicing for each dan is

First dan Yushi 12years old
Second dan Gyoshi 14years old 2 years after 1st dan
Third dan Shushi 17years old 3 years after 2nd dan
Forth dan Kenshi 21years old 4 years after 3rd dan
Fifth dan Kengo 25years old 5 years after 4th dan
Sixth dan Renshi 30years old 6 years after 5th dan
Seventh dan Kyoshi 36years old 7 years after 6th dan
Eighth dan Hanshi 42yeras old 8 years after 7th dan

Examinations for 1st Dan to 5th Dan rank

In deliberating candidates from the 1st dan to the 5th dan, we will deliberate with the following contents.


Applicants will be required to submit a thesis. The contents of the thesis will vary depending on the Dan ranking sought.

Biography, grading experience, tournament or seminar record.

Individual membership registration form WORD

Individual membership registration form PDF

Biography for Thesis



WKKF Dan requirments 1st

WKKF Dan Requirments 2nd

WKKF Dan Requirments 3rd

WKKF Dan Requirments 4th

WKKF Dan Requirments 5th

WKKF Dan Requirments 6th


1. Basics a). basic techniques
b). basic movements
2. Kata basic kata
Advanced kata
buki-ho a). bou
b). bokuto
3. Kumite basic kumite a). sotai uchikomi, hangeki
b). Gokyo no kumite
Advanced kumite a). Yakusoku kumite
b). Kumite Kata Gokyo
Jiyu kumite a). hand only, foot only, both hand and foot
b). offence only, defense only, both offence and defense
4. Bunkai kumite basic technique
Advanced Kata
5. Records of tournaments international shiai, enbu, experiences, results
local shiai, enbu, experiences, results
examination shiai, enbu, experiences, results

International Official Instructor License

In order to support the further development and growth of Koshiki Karatedo, it is important to ensure that Koshiki Karatedo instructors have the right understanding of the art, knowledge and techniques. On this basis, it is important that instructors in each country, dojo, school and club are appropriately licensed as International Official Instructors of Koshiki Karatedo To provide this license, International Official Instructor seminars will be held in each country and area, and after discussion, Official Instructor Licenses and diplomas will be given as appropriate.

Ranks of International Official Instructors

  • Associate Instructor
  • Instructor
  • Professor
  • Master Professor
  • Dr. Professor


Brown 1kyu~2kyu
Green 3kyu~4kyu
Orange 5kyu~6kyu
Yellow 7kyu~8kyu
White 9kyu~10kyu