Article 1 (definition)

  1. “Membership” means individuals who apply for admission after agreeing to these terms in accordance with the procedures specified by the organization.
  2. “Member information” means information on the attributes of members disclosed to members by members, and information on the members’ transactions etc.
  3. “Service” is a collective term for services provided by the Group to its members based on these Terms on the websites operated by this organization.
  4. These Terms apply to all members, and are the terms that we obey during the registration procedure and after registration.

Article 2 (Registration)

1. Membership qualification

After agreeing to these Terms, Customers who have applied for a predetermined membership will qualify as members after completion of the prescribed registration procedure.
Membership registration procedures should be done by members, family members, affiliated organizations.
In addition, we may refuse membership application from those who have been revoked membership in the past or those who judged that the group is not suitable due to the following clauses.

(1) In the event that our organization determines that there is a risk of violating this agreement or a clear violation
(2) If there is any falsehood, important misstatement, omission of description for all or part of the registration information provided to the organization
(3) In the case that you have received the cancellation of membership registration of this service in the past
(4) Other When the group determines that membership registration is not appropriate

2. Entering member information

Please carefully read the caution on entry and accurately fill out the necessary information on the prescribed input form at the time of member registration procedure.
Special signs · old kanji · roman numerals etc can not be used in member information registration. If these characters are registered, we will change them.

3. Password management

(1)Password can be used only by the member himself, and can not be assigned or lent to a third party.
(2)Please remember that your password is to be managed responsibly, such as periodically changing the password so that it will not be known to others.
(3)The declaration of intention made to the organization using the password is deemed to be the intention of the member himself, and all the payments that arise because of that are the responsibility of the member.

Article 3 (Change)

  1. The member shall promptly notify the group if there is a change in the matter such as name, address etc. reported to the organization.
  2. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the fact that change registration was not made.

Also, even if change registration is made, please be aware that transactions that have already been processed before change registration will be made based on the information before change registration.

Article 4 (withdrawal)

If the member wishes to withdraw from membership, the member himself / herself should do the withdrawal procedure. It will be withdrawn after the completion of the predetermined withdrawal procedure.
Please note that we do not refund or refund the annual fee that we have already paid.
Even if you withdraw from the middle of the period during which the annual fee is valid, we will not respond to refunds or refunds.

Article 5 (Loss of membership obligation and compensation obligation)

1.If the member falls under any of the following reasons, the organization may revoke the membership.

(1) In the event that our organization determines that there is a risk of violating this agreement or a clear violation.
(2) In case of falsehood, important misstatement, omission of description for all or part of the registration information provided to the organization.
(3) Other When we determine that membership registration is not appropriate.

  1. When a member performs the act prescribed in any of the following, it shall assume the responsibility to compensate for damage suffered by this group.

(1)Irregular use of membership number and password.
(2)By accessing the web page operated by the organization to tamper with information or sending a harmful computer program, interfere with our business.
(3)To act to violate the intellectual property rights of the products handled by our organization.
(4)Any other actions contrary to this Terms of Service.

Article 6 (Handling of member information)

  1. As a general rule, we do not disclose member information to third parties without prior consent of the members. However, in the case of each of the following items, the organization shall be able to disclose member information and other customer information without prior consent of the member.

(1)When disclosure is requested based on laws and regulations.
(2)In cases where the Group determines that it is necessary to protect the rights, interests, honor, etc. of our organization.

  1. As for the membership information, our organization will manage according to our “privacy policy”. We are requesting that membership information be provided to our members for the purpose of providing services to members, improving service contents, promoting the use of services, and ensuring healthy and smooth operation of services will do.
  2. The organization shall be able to provide information to members (including advertisements) by mail magazine or other means. If members do not wish to provide information, we will stop providing information if you notify us according to the method specified by our organization. However, regarding the provision of information necessary for the operation of this service, it can not be stopped at the request of the member.

Article 7 (contents of service, rules, etc.)

  1. Details of the contents of the service and rules etc that the member can use shall be notified to the members in accordance with the provisions of this organization.
  2. Information to be posted on websites managed by the organization including each form and template provided by this service is protected according to each country’s copyright law, various treaties, and other related laws and regulations.
  3. If we determine that it is necessary to change the content of this service, we can make necessary changes without notifying the members.
  4. The organization can terminate all or part of the service at any discretion.
  5. If we change or terminate this service in accordance with this section, we will not assume any responsibility even if the member suffers some damage due to such change or termination.

Article 8 (Service usage fee)

  1. There are free and paid services for members to use this service. However, we may charge free service on a voluntary basis for fee.
  2. In the event of a change to charge mode as stated in the preceding paragraph, we will notify the members according to the method specified by this group.

Article 9 (self-burden of connection equipment and communication expenses)

This service does not provide computers, communication equipment and other equipment necessary for using this service to members. In addition, even if members use this service to browse information, change the contents of membership registration, delete, etc, members will not bear the communication expenses etc incurred.

Article 10 (Prohibited matter)

When using this service, we prohibit members from doing the acts of the following items.

  1. Be in violation of laws and regulations or this agreement, attention on using this service, and other terms and conditions.
  2. Redistribution and sale of the form obtained by this service and secondary use as commercial purpose are strictly prohibited. It is prohibited to use (copy, modify, upload, post, transmit, distribute, license, sell, publish, etc.) the information beyond the scope explicitly permitted by private use and other relevant laws and regulations I will.
  3. To impair the rights, interests, honor, etc of our group and other third parties.
  4. Acts that lead to crime or crime, acts that may adversely affect the mind and body of young people, acts contrary to public order and morals.
  5. To conduct acts that disturb other users or other third parties or cause discomfort.
  6. Entering false information.
  7. Sending or writing harmful computer programs, mail etc.
  8. Unauthorized access to our server and other computers.
  9. Lend or transfer passwords to third parties, or share them with third parties.
    10.To conduct the act of disclosing personal information of the principal and the third party (including those that can identify the individual such as the real name, address, telephone number, e-mail, address etc of the member or third party) to others.
    11.Conduct acts that violate third party’s intellectual property rights, portrait rights, rights of privacy, other rights or interests.
    12.Act of using multiple accounts and passwords.
    13.Act acting as a member of our group including this service management staff and other members.
    14.Act to try to obstruct the operation of this service.
    15.In addition, it is judged that our organization is inappropriate.

If the group determines that the act of using this service falls under any of the preceding paragraphs or if it is judged that the member is likely to be applicable, the organization shall not inform the member in advance, You may stop all or part of it and take any measures to eliminate such violation.

Article 11 (attribution of rights)

  1. Information, photographs and other works (hereinafter referred to as “works, etc.”) posted on the websites operated by this organization by this group are copyright holders or copyright holders who created this group, And shall be attributed to it.
  2. Members shall not conduct acts that may infringe or infringe copyrights such as copying, public transmission, assignment, adaptation, translation, etc. with respect to this group work.
  3. We will make copies, public transfers, assignments, adaptations, translations, etc. for member publication, public transmission, broadcasting, DVD conversion, advertisement / publicity etc. of this service, etc. without advance notification to members We shall be able to do. In addition, the member shall not exercise the moral rights of the author to the organization concerning the member work.
  4. The organization shall be able to use and publish statistical summary data on the use of this service by members at the discretion of the organization.

Article 12 (Interruption / suspension of services, etc.)

  1. In order to maintain good operation status of this service, we may suspend all or part of the provision of this service without prior notice if we fall into any of the following items.

(1) When necessary for periodic maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system.
(2) When the load concentrates on the system.
(3) When the system becomes difficult to operate due to fire, blackouts, disturbing acts by third parties, etc.
(4) In addition, when the group judges that it is inevitable that the suspension of the system is necessary.

Article 13 (Change or abolishment of service)

As a result of this judgment, we can change or abolish all or part of the service as necessary without prior notice.

Article 14 (Disclaimer)

  1. We are totally responsible for damages caused by disruption, retardation, cancellation, data loss, damage caused by unauthorized access to data due to failure of communication line, computer, etc., damage caused to members by members of our group There is no such thing.
  2. We do not guarantee that harmful items such as computer viruses are not included in mail / contents sent from our webpage · server · domain etc.
  3. We do not guarantee the safety of this service and no defect in this service at all.
  4. We do not guarantee the integrity, accuracy, safety, applicability, usability, conformity to specific purpose, etc. regarding the information provided by this service at all.
  5. Regarding the use of this service, if any trouble or damage occurs, even if the user or third party suffered damage, the organization will not be held responsible at all.
  6. We will not assume any responsibility in the event of accident, injury etc. occur.

Article 15 (Compensation for Damages)

Members shall indemnify the organization for any damages caused by violating these Terms or in case of damages to the organization in connection with the use of this service.

Article 16 (Revision of these Terms)

We can revise this agreement arbitrarily and we can also establish a contract for supplementing this agreement in our organization (hereinafter referred to as “supplementary agreement”).
The amendment or supplementation of these Terms shall take effect upon posting the revised Terms or Supplementary Conditions on the site prescribed by this organization.
In this case, the member shall comply with the revised regulations and supplementary agreement.

Article 17 (Governing law, competent court)

In the event of a dispute with respect to these Terms, the Tokyo District Court, which has jurisdiction over the location of the Secretariat of the Group, shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.