2017 Super Karate-do World Grand Prix

Competition summary

It is with great pleasure that the organizing committee of Super Karate-do World Grand Prix, WKKF Seminar extend to you our Official Invitation to these prestigious events. These events will be held on 10th-11th of November, 2017 at the Urayasu city Gymnasium, Chiba JAPAN.
Philosophy of the Event
(1) To make Super Karate-do (Koshiki Contact Karate-do) part of the School Education Program for training the world’s youth.
(2) Aiming to join “Sports Accord” with recognition of Super Karate-do as a safe and clearly judged modern sport.
(3) To contribute Super Karate-do as a BUDO working towards world peace and friendship.
(4) Through Super Karate-do(Koshiki Contact Karate-do) training and tournaments, we aim to develop and sustain people who work together for the benefit of their community, their nation, and the world. To this end, Karate Kids from five continents will gather in JAPAN for a friendship tournament including an international championship. We hope for your kind understanding and support.
The potential of these events to contribute to specially young generation is tremendous. Through such a great opportunity to meet, compete with and exchange friendship internationally, we believe they broaden their international range of vision as well as elevate the level of ability to see, think and act.

Competition brochure

Conference implementation guidelines pdf

Implementation outline

Date Saturday November 11th
Venue URAYASU General Gymnasium, URAYASU City, Chiba Ken, Japan
Organizer World Koshiki Karate-do Federation
Sponsorships The Japanese National Commission for UNESCO (Application pending), NIKKAN Japan Daily Sport News Paper
SEMINARS a) Official WKKF International Referees certificate
b) Official WKKF International DAN Degree certificate
c) Official WKKF International Instructor License

Super Karate-do World Grand Prix


KATA Contest, KUMITE Competition


World Koshiki KaratedoFedration comepetition rulres

KATA Contest

Junior Boys and Girls

  • Age 7-8
  • Age 9-10
  • Age 11-12
  • Age 13-15
  • Age 16-18

KUMITE Competition

Using Super Safe, contact point method of one-shot

Junior Boy Age 7-8
Age 9-10
Age 11-12
1 min 30 sec.
Junior Girl Age 7-8
Age 9-10
Age 11-12
1 min 30 sec.
Junior Boy Age 13-15 2 min.
Junior Girl Age 13-15 2 min.
Junior Boy Age 16-18 3 min.
Junior Girl Age 16-18 3 min.


WKKF annual Membership 2,500JPY (include insurance)
Entry fee: 3,000JPY (include Kata, Kumite Lunch brochette)
Seminar fee: November 10th(Fri) 10am-12pm Referee seminar 3,000JPY
November 10th(Fri) 1pm-3pm Instructor Seminar 3,000JPY
November 10th(Fri) 3pm-5pm Goodwill Exchange Workshop 3,000JPY
November 10th(Fri) 5pm-7pm WKKF International Meeting
Venue: Urayasu city Gymnasium Budo center


All entry and payment should be done by October 10th

Special events:

November 11th 7pm Sayonara Party 5,000JPY

Tournament entry method

To enter, you need to register as a member.
For membership registration, please visit membership information page .