Appliciation of Hisataka CUP MONGOLIA

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Mongolian National Open KOSHIKI KARATEDO Championship



                                           March 10th ,2019


Dear Honorary Guest, Shihan Sensei and Super Karate-do Friends


Greetings to you all, thank you very much for your participation, and supported to “HISATAKA Cup “-Mongolian National Super KARATEDO Championship on the November 18th, 2018 for the 20th Anniversary of the Mongolian National University,

And whose kindly sending the cheering Messages to the HISATAKA Cup which are the representatives of National KOSHIKI Super Karate-do Organizations from Japan, Canada, Ukraine, United State of America, North and South Americas, Venezuela, Australia, Russia, Algeria, Mali, Great Britain .

Especially to the Spiritual Reader, OYUNTSETSEG DARMAA, Director of M.J. Huri LLC and MNU Professor DR. MOTOMU OGATA, World reading Architecture whose had been obtain from such V.I.P. Persons of Politically, Economically as well as Art and Social World in great country of Mongolia.

Indeed, it was achieved great success so that all of you had try as hard as one can.

I must express my gratitude and respect to all of you. Special Guests -SHIHAN DR. Hitoshi NAMEKATA, KYOSHI 7th Dan, SHIHAN Professor, Michael E. COLEMAN, KENGO 5th Dan are Representatives of World KOSHIKI KARATEDO Federation, DR. Jeffrey HENDERSON, RENSHI 6th Dan, Dean of the Academic Faculty, KARATEDO UNIVERSITY without their guidance and great cooperation, we could never made it.

I have been requested to MNU Organizing Committee to send the appreciation letter with the results of Championships each category of KATA Contest, BUNKAI KUMITE Contest and KOSHIKI KUMITE Competition, Names of Winners-1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place, DOJO names of DOJO, as well as Championship Program. Unfortunately, there are misunderstanding and not enough experience to organize such big Events, there for, we do apologize for in this delay.

Thank you again for your kind supports, cooperation and understanding, ARIGATOU!!!



Head Professor, the faculty of Super KARATEDO—International S.P. Karate Security, Special Courses for the Mongolia National University,

Chancellor, KARATEDO UNIVERSITY, Switzerland and Japan

Founder, World KOSHIKI KARATEDO Federation