Information of SUPER KARATEDO Euro Open Grand Prix

Tournament summary

It is with great pleasure that the organizing committee of Super Karate-do World Grand Prix, WKKF Seminar extend to you our Official Invitation to these prestigious events. These events will be held on 14th-15thth of October, 2016 at the Tauron Arena Karakow, Poland.

Philosophy of the Event

    (1) To make Super Karate-do (Koshiki Contact Karate-do) part of the UNESCO Education Program for training the world’s youth.
    (2) Aiming to join “Sports Accord” with recognition of Super Karate-do as a safe and clearly judged modern sport.
    (3) To contribute Super Karate-do as a BUDO working towards world peace and friendship.
    (4) Through Super Karate-do(Koshiki Contact Karate-do) training and tournaments, we aim to develop and sustain people who work together for the benefit of their community, their nation, and the world. To this end, Karate Kids from over 15 countries across all five continents will gather in Poland for a friendship tournament including an international championship. We hope for your kind understanding and support.

These events consist of not only a regular Championship in Individual Kumite SHIAI (competition) and Kata Contest, but also a Seminar in advance.

All competitors must participate in both KATA and KUMITE.
Super Karatedo Grand Prix introduces KATA contest which are judged by Video submission for competition. All Original OKINAWAN KATAs will be accepted as submissions for this event.
All KATA entries must be uploaded by the end of September 30th 2016. This will allow the Judging panel to score and inform athletes and coaches of top 3 finalists in advance time. This still allows competitors to finalize their preparations for the World Grand Prix.

Tournament Information



KUMITE (Koshiki Contact) events will run as normal and all competitors will be eligible to participate.

All in attendance are able to exchange practice and training together in order to gain knowledge as well as greater understanding of their respective art, style and others on an International level.

The potential of these events to contribute to specially young generation is tremendous. Through such a great opportunity to meet, compete with and exchange friendship internationally, we believe they broaden their international range of vision as well as elevate the level of ability to see, think and act.

These events are supported by many Karate-do Federations, Associations, Governing bodies, Education departments, Sports Associations and Sports experts throughout the World.

We strongly urge you and your students to attend and ask for your support and goodwill in this venture.

Yours Sincerely,

Implementation guideline

Date 14th and 15th October 2016 (Friday and Saturday)
Time 10.00am to 5.00pm
Venue Tauron Arena Kraków
7 Stanislawa Lema Street
31-571 Cracow, Poland
TBC Poland Cost: ADULT € 150
Age -18 € 75
This includes Seminar and Tournament as well as contribution to rental of arena and overheads.
All competitors MUST attend seminars.
Sponsorship UNESCO

SUPER KARATEDO Euro Open Grand Prix




On line elimination by video .

Please send a video by e-mail or Youtube’s URL to the WKKF(
Until the upper 8-position, and played to the Finals.

Juniors Male and Female (Age Categories TBC)

Adults Male and Female


Juniors Male and Female Age Categories TBC Little Juniors 1.5 minutes
Advanced Juniors 2.0 minutes
Female Adults Light Weight (54.0kg under)
Middle Weight (54.0kg – 61.0kg under)
Open Weight (61.0kg over)
2.0 minutes
Male Adults Light Weight (63.5kg under)
Middle Weight (63.5kg – 73.0kg under)
Cruiser Weight (73.0kg – 82.0kg under)
Open Weight (82.0kg over)
3.0 minutes

Entry Fee

WKKF members annual fee 2,500 + Tournament entry fee (Adults: €150, junior: €75)
*If you are already a paid membership, WKKF annual membership fee of 2,500 yen is not required.

Entry Limit

5th October 2016


All Karateka to wear Karate Gi with Obi (belt).
Koshiki Super Safe kit including Chest guard (Bogu) and Head Guard (Men).

General overview of scoring in Shiai(fighting)

Ippon which is like a KO or TKO is awarded if;
A student achieves a KO
Clean combination of Three strikes
An opponent is unable to continue or unwilling to continue
Waza Ari or points scoring
A Punch or clean hand strike is ALWAYS One point
A Kick or clean foot strike is ALWAYS Two Points
One point is awarded whether Punch is executed to the Body or Head
Two points is awarded whether Kick is executed to the Body or Head
No Legs Kicks allowed
Clean defensive takedowns with strike is One Point


Each fight will have a Referee and Two Flag Umpires
An Official timekeeper will be on each (Shiaijo) fight area
An Official Head Umpire will monitor all activity including scores, score count, timing, refereeing, safety, well-being of competitors and any queries or disputes.



Tel/Fax:+ 81 3 3203 5765
email :