SUPER KARATEDO Junior World Grand Prix & World Cultural Exchange Festival

Tournament summary

For each relationship of each school and faction of Karatedo, I will infer that every day, I will devote myself to training Karatedo.
Well, in coming June, the SUPER Karatedo Junior World Grand Prix & World Cultural Exchange Festival was held as outlined below, as outlined below.

In our alliance, for many years we have promoted “hard contact contact Karatedo which makes judgment without injury using super safe”, but as we advance further step “human education to train human being”, “human resource development education” world We are registered with UNESCO in 193 countries and are targeting 3 billion people (6 to 24 years old) out of 7.3 billion people, we are developing activity for small and junior high school as an educational program.

This tournament is “SUPER KARATEDO” in the sense that we meet together across borders, organizations and schools, using super safe and safely without injury, and we have a Junior international friendly game playing the future, and music · We aim at cultural exchange through traditional performing arts, goods, food.

We are hoping for a lot of participation from around the world and in Japan, and we will inform you according to the requirements.

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Philosophy of the Event

Ddate 25th and 26th June, 2016 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time 9.00am to 5.00pm
Venue Urayasu City General Athletic Park Main Arena
Support Japan UNESCO Domestic Committee (Applying), Nikkan Sports Shimbun

SUPER KRATAEDO Junior World Grand Prix ~~ Total Karatedo path of shape competition and association match as education

Event type

【KATA and KUMITE】 Competition


By preliminary motion picture examination, scoring method, compete in ranking by score.
Shoot a video of the whole shape from the front of participating players. Please attach the video or uploaded URL to Youtube send it by email.(
Major teacher inheriting Okinawa source flow · By preliminary examination by the 10 item scoring system, the top three places at the main competition and decides ranking.

Juniors Male and Female

  • Little Juniors Age7-8
  • Little Juniors Age9-10
  • Little Juniors Age11-12
  • Advanced Juniors Age13-15
  • Advanced Juniors Age16-18


Using super-safe, contact point method of one-shot.

Little Juniors Age 7-8
Age 9-10
Age 11-12
1.5 minutes
Advanced Juniors Age 13-15 2.0 minutes
Advanced Juniors Age 16-18 3.0 minutes

Entry fee

WKKF Annual Fee:2,500yen
Competition participation fee:7,000yen

Entry limit

* This competition has closed the entry

June 11, 2016
※Initially it was until May 31, 2016, but the entry period was extended.

Referee rule

According to the Rule of Judgment of World Kai Karatedo Federation Match.

World Cultural Exchange Festival KARATEDO EXPO 2016

Embassy of different countries Embassy Culture / Gifts store booth, Traditional culture, Entertainment demonstration stage.

KARATEDO EXPO 2016 product exhibition booth

1 tent:60,000yen

Traditional culture, entertainment demonstration stage

20 minutes
Performance fee:10,000yen per 1 Group

Application address

World Koshiki Karate-do Federation

〒162-0044 20 Kikui-machi Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Tel/Fax:+81 3-3203-5765

*Entry deadline:May 31, 2016