WKKF membership

Thank you very much for your Inquiries.

To became WKKF members, please register Individual member.


WKKF DOJO Registration

  • JPY20,000 per year  (April 1st – March 31st )
  • We can provide digital certificate.


WKKF recognized Dan Degree

  • We are open to any style(Shorinjiryu, Shotokan, Goju, Shito, Wado, Kyokusin, Renbukai etc)
  • Please write your Biography and Karatedo record.
  • Answer the questionaries’   OFFICIAL WKKF GRADING REQUIRMENTS
  • Prepare the demonstration for Grading examination.



We can send you paypal invoice, or you can transfer the membership fee to our WKKF Bank account.


Bank transfer

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank

Bank code 0005   Store No. 361  Urayasu

account No. 0860535

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World Koshiki Karatedo Federation

Headquarters office

Prof. Masamitsu Kudaka,   Dr. Hitoshi Namekata,  Shihan Yukio Sakamoto, Shihan Micheal Coleman

3-70 D1-1, Irifune Urayasu city, Chiba 279-0012 JAPAN